At IACS, we serve a broad base of clients in a wide range of industries both Canadian and International.

We provide services for corporate, legal and insurance environments. Our clients include:

software manufacturers
law firms
pharmaceutical companies
business clients - from small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations

In our business, privacy is paramount and as such we can not divulge the names of our clients. However, our clients well positioned in their respective fields.

They have come to trust and respect the work and quality service we provide because IACS too is a leader, in private investigation. The operative word is private. IACS is founded on professionalism, thoroughness, integrity and discretion - principles that guide the way we work with our clients.

Our team has 15 years experience in investigation services to the private sector, working in the fields of Intellectual Property, Due Diligence, Litigation Support, Fraud or Insurance Investigations, General Investigations and Security Consulting.

IACS can be trusted. Call us today.