Counterfeiting of commercial products has become an international problem.

Once again, counterfeiting is on the rise. One reason for this is the ease and speed with which large quantities of counterfeit product can be produced with modern photographic and printing equipment.

IACS is prepared to assist the intellectual property community with their investigative needs. We can help you bring counterfeiters to justice. We provide timely, discreet, and professional investigative and/or consulting services to our clients.

The IACS team has worked with manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, consumer groups, technology specialists, and others to advance the progress being made in these four areas.

The four main types of IP are:

patents for inventions - new and improved products and processes that are capable of industrial application
trademarks for brand identity - of goods and services allowing distinctions to be made between different traders and manufacturers
designs for product appearance - of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture or materials of the product itself or its ornamentation;
copyright for material - literary and artistic material, music, films, sound recordings and broadcasts, including software and multimedia

It is critical to implement new technologies to better protect Intellectual Property. Product authentication technologies can be used to provide a greater level of security for products. These technologies are intended to secure the product, packaging, and movement of the product as it travels

IACS provides investigations of counterfeit goods and piracy activities, including undercover investigations and 'sting' operations to identify manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and others involved in various civil violations and criminal activities.

Billions of dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise is being produced in numerous countries around the world. Legitimate businesses lose countless sums to retailers who knowingly and unknowingly sell counterfeit goods.

While China is known to be the largest producer of counterfeit goods, there are many other nations with factories specializing in producing cheap counterfeit goods. Only a very small percentage of these counterfeit goods are caught before they reach the marketplace.

IACS Investigations is capable of handling every facet of a counterfeit-goods investigation from identification of the counterfeit goods through the seizure and prosecution phases. Co-operation and co-ordination with law enforcement agencies and/or civil attorneys is available, if desired by the client.

IACS is both experienced and effective in the investigation of intellectual property violations. Our investigators conduct undercover field activity to identify product counterfeiting operations, and other unauthorized activities at the manufacturing, distribution, and retail levels. Investigators will ascertain the identification, background and associations of violators as well as their sources and method of operation.

IACS is fully experienced and familiar with all aspects of intellectual property rights enforcement and maintains extensive contacts in Asia, Latin America, United Kingdom and the United States in both the public and private sectors.

IACS has been conducting intellectual property investigations for several years. As a result of our investigations several million dollars' worth of counterfeit merchandise has been seized, along with millions of dollars in manufacturing equipment.

IACS has played an instrumental part in the arrest of counterfeiters. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned with members of the law enforcement agencies. IACS maintains a fully operational pretext business to conduct counterfeiting and gray market investigations. Our undercover business includes a physical business location, phone lines, fax line, and an internet address.

We realize that the problem of counterfeiting is a fairly new experience for several trademark owners. Let our experience serve to educate and inform you. Our related services include:

Service of "Cease and Desist" Orders and obtain voluntary surrender of Counterfeit Merchandise
Investigative Support Civil Actions
Intellectual Property Criminal Investigations
Private & Confidential Investigations
Conduct and organize civil seizures
Special event enforcement, civil and criminal
Trade name searches
Gray market surveys and investigations
Criminal enforcement of counterfeiters
Product identification training
Internet and monitoring services
Intellectual Property, Trademark, Copyright, Anti-counterfeit Investigations
Locate and Identify Counterfeit Sales and Distribution Networks