Are you considering a new employee or tenant? Do you have a need to know more information about a potential business associate? Are you facing potential litigation and need to know the background of the person you are dealing with? Are you looking to collect a judgment against an individual or business? IACS can provide you with an in-depth background and asset investigation of your subject.

Background Investigations

At IACS, a background investigation may include the following:

Criminal Records
Bankruptcy Filings
Past & Present Addresses
Phone Numbers
Judgments & Tax Liens
Corporate Ownership and/or involvement
Professional Licenses
Property Ownership
Domain Name Ownership
Vehicle Ownership
Driving Records
Additional information as required

Asset Searches
We have an extensive network of databases and financial data to conduct full, discreet asset searches and financial backgrounds of individuals and companies. With our years of experience and knowledge, we can locate the hidden and known assets of a business or individual of your choice. We can perform these searches on a Statewide or Nationwide Basis.

We regularly locate the following Information:

Bank Accounts
Real Estate
Motor Vehicles & Driving Records
Judgments (Past & Present)
UCC Filings, Tax Liens & Bankruptcies
Sources of Income
Current Employer
Litigation Status
Social Insurance Number Trace
Nationwide Real Estate Properties
Criminal Histories
Corporation & Bankruptcy

Do you have a civil judgment from a lawsuit? Are you thinking about filing a civil lawsuit but are unsure if the judgment would be collectible? IACS can help you find assets to collect on that judgment.