At IACS, we have the expertise and experience to assist in your criminal investigations. We have been instrumental in initiating criminal investigations in the intellectual property arena and presenting our findings to the appropriate law enforcement and governmental authorities for prosecution.

Our reporting and evidentiary procedures will stand up to court challenges. Our corporate clientele for criminal investigations have included software manufacturers, retail businesses and pharmaceutical companies.

If you require a confidential and discreet investigation into suspected criminal behavior, we at IACS can fulfill your needs. If there is an ongoing investigation, we can assist in conducting a parallel investigation or in serving as liaison with the investigating law enforcement agencies.

At IACS, we have a strong on-going relationship with various law enforcements agencies throughout Canada and the United States. We have worked closely with such agencies as:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Ontario Provincial Police
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
United States Marshall's Service
Oregon State Police
Virginia State Police
Toronto Metro Police
Peel Region Police
Vancouver City Police