We offer services in support of civil litigation actions. Should you need a financial assessment of individuals or businesses with which you are involved, we can assist you.

At IACS, we can help locate elusive witnesses, conduct investigative interviews and prepare written statements for use at trial or in pre-trial negotiations.

If you need surveillance to determine the activities of involved persons, we are prepared to assist you. Whether your goal is to determine an individual's range of motion, see where they go and who they associate with or to refute any claim, contact us to review your needs.

We are also staffed and prepared to assist in matters involving money laundering and hidden assets. Are the monies being funneled through subsidiaries, fictitious entities or shell corporations? Our forensic accounting and investigative staff members can work to uncover the hidden connections and to provide you with visual tools to "follow the money".

At IACS, we can also assist you by providing visual representations for courtroom use. Often the product of Visual Investigative Analysis, these displays can help a jury to understand the complex relationships between individuals and businesses, event timelines and other complex issues.