In this age of political extremism, anti-corporate fanaticism and terrorism - domestic and international - it is a wise executive who takes the initiative to prevent incidents as opposed to trying to react to them.

We can provide services to help you avoid business losses, employee injury and/or death as well as shareholder actions for failure to foresee and prevent issues that cause substantial losses to the company.

A threat assessment of your facilities can be an initial step in reducing your overall liability. We look past the obvious and "think like a criminal" to provide you with effective solutions to your security weaknesses. More than just providing an "illusion of security", we help you develop policies and procedures that can reduce your physical risk and your legal liability.

Is your financial house in order? A forensic accounting investigation of procedures and your actual business records can often uncover employee fraud and theft. We can look for the methods and schemes often used and help to "plug the leaks" in your corporate operations.

Should our analysis and investigation uncover the possibility of wrongdoing, we also have the capabilities to conduct forensic analysis of your computer system and hard-drives. Files that have been deleted and over-written are not necessarily inaccessible. It is often possible to recover all or part of files that are no longer visible to the untrained eye.

Do you feel that your current computer and information security measures are adequate? Does that new firewall meet the standards needed by your R & D section? Perhaps you should consider testing them. Penetration testing is the process of analyzing your information security measures. Risks can come from external penetration, unauthorized internal access, wireless security failures, breaches in telephone security, social engineering and software integrity issues. Let IACS challenge your security to see if it passes muster.

How often do you often wonder what your competitors are up to? Why is XYZ Corporation always ahead of the pack? How did ABC Amalgamated introduce that innovative product three months before your similar product was even tested?
Are the members of your corporate brain trust being hired away or perhaps bled dry during pretext job interviews? Is someone spying on you? Foreign intelligence efforts are not directed solely at military targets. Stolen technology and low labor costs work together to provide an unfair advantage to your competitors.

At IACS, we offer the answer in our Corporate Intelligence investigations. We can help you stay informed on what your competitors are doing and also help you to prevent them from knowing what your next step will be.