With profit margins decreasing and the need for that "competitive edge" increasing, businesses become more vulnerable to electronic invasion and illegal "business intelligence" practices.

As technology improves, covert listening devices become smaller and more sophisticated. Gone are the days of the obvious "bug" in the base of a lamp or telephone receiver.

Devices and techniques are now in existence to literally pull your confidential information from the air when you use devices such as WiFi (wireless interface) connections, cordless phones, cellular telephones and similar devices.

Don't be deceived into thinking that "hardwire" communications is always secure. The technology has long existed to "tap" telephone and computer communications.

Are your personal conversations safe? The sad answer is that they are not always as private as you think they might be. Just as a "Nanny Cam" can be secreted in a child's teddy bear, a covert camera or listening device can be secured in clocks, lamps, telephones and countless other items in your office, car, home and company boardroom.

What is the solution? Let IACS associates assist you in examining your premises and practices to provide for a more secure communications atmosphere.

DO's and DON'TS if you believe your conversations are being compromised:

DON'T ever discuss calling a countermeasure professional from an environment that could be subject to a communications invasion.
DON'T involve unnecessary persons in conversations about electronic security measures
DON'T remove or tamper with any suspected surveillance devices
DO contact the responsible law enforcement agency and/or a competent countermeasures professional