Michael Lloyd - Associate Director

18495 South Dixie Highway, Suite 119
Miami, Florida, United States

Phone: 305-310-0607
Fax: 1.800.507.6002

Michael Lloyd - Associate Director

Working from Miami, Mr. Lloyd is responsible for planning and executing services in Florida and elsewhere in the United States and the Caribbean. Mr. Lloyd's experience is derived from many years service with London's Metropolitan Police Force in the United Kingdom, working from New Scotland Yard.

Experience and Expertise
Conducted investigations in the United Kingdom and information gathering in Europe and Worldwide as part of a major criminal intelligence network.

Expertise also utilized in such matters as VIP security at the highest levels and in the preparation of threat assessments.

Experienced in investigative analysis and in conducting covert operations and surveillance.

Utilizes online databases and various resources to conduct in-depth due diligence enquiries.

Numerous investigative courses undertaken at the Metropolitan Police Detective Training School and other specialist departments.