Simon McCullough - Managing Director

20 Stavebank Road, Suite 101
Mississauga, ON L5G 2T4

Phone: 905-891-5656
Fax: 905-891-5445
Mobile: 416-710-7902

Simon McCullough - Managing Director

Working from Investigation Analytical
Control Services, Toronto Office, Simon McCullough is responsible for planning and conducting IACS services in Canada.

Mr. McCullough's experience includes security and investigation. Prior to joining IACS, Mr. McCullough spent many years as a Director of Investigations for an international investigative firm.

Experience & Expertise
Engages the civil and criminal enforcement of the copyright and pirating infringement laws for a major software company

Conducted investigations in both North America and Europe, developing and nurturing numerous sources and contacts within the private, police and intelligence communities

Developed and performs training courses for outside agencies and new employees, focusing on enforcing civil and criminal software infringement laws

Utilizes online databases and numerous resources to conduct in-depth due diligence inquiries for both individuals and corporations

Liaison with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the local police authorities with criminal investigations involving clients

Graduated from Sheridan College receiving a diploma in Law & Security Administration, specializing in Loss Prevention Management.

Member of The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
Member of The World Association of Detectives
National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators